How You Can Help as a Business

Ella Showing Support from Colby Red



Ella has been fortunate to have several businesses help support her efforts. To see which ones, click on the Past Campaigns tab.


The support of businesses has expanded the reach of her campaign far beyond what we could do on our own.


Do you have a business that would like to help? We have some ideas on how you can!

1. Directly Donate


Several business have helped Ella's campaign by making direct contributions. Big or small, each donation has an impact and there is no faster way to help her reach her goal. It's easy and everytime it happens, you can be sure you've made a difference in the life of a sick child and in Ella's life, too!


Click Here to Donate


2. Create a Customer Promotion


Combine your community support efforts with your marketing by offering customers who donate to Ella's campaign a special offer. We have had business supporters offer discounts or special pricing to donors. You could also offer drawings that people enter by donating or free services or products. This is a great way to show your customers the causes you support and help engage them with that cause and with your business.

3. Set Up a Donation Point


Some business have helped Ella raise funds by setting up a collection point for donations. Typically these are donation jars near the checkout point. If you would be willing to display a donation jar, we would be happy to provide one that is hand decorated by Ella herself.

4. Donate Items or Services


If your business can donate an item or a service, we will figure out a way to translate that into a cash donation through an auction, a raffle or whatever else we can think of!

5. Follow Along on Facebook


Keep up with the latest progress Ella makes on her mission by liking her Facebook page. There is a link on the right side of this page.


6. Be Sure to Check Out the How to Help as an Individual Page


See the ideas of how to help on the "Individual" page. There you will find more information that you can use for your business as well.


7. Other


Have another idea on how to help? We'd love to hear it!