How You Can Help as an Individual

Ella teaching Colby about fish at the zoo.



Ella's passion to help kids with sick hearts is inspiring. But turning that passion into results has taken the support of hundreds of people just like you. We know that for her mission to continue to be successful, she must maintain and grow her support base. If you would like to help Ella, please consider the following actions.

5 Ways You Can Help

1. Donate


At the heart of this effort are people who are moved by Ella's story and moved to help kids by making donations. She has received donations big and small and every single one them puts a smile on her face and brings her closer to her goal. Every one of them drives her that much harder.


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Rockwall Mayor Proclaiming Ella Turner Day for Her Work With the Heart Association

2. Share Ella's Story


One of the reason's behind Ella's success is that her supporters have been helpful in spreading her story by sharing it with others. Her story has been passed on through e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, television, newspapers, magazines and word of mouth. Everytime it reaches a new audience, she enjoys increased support. If you are moved by her story, think of others that you know that may be inspired by it, too and pass along the links and info!


3. Follow Her Campaign on Facebook

Keep up with all of the progress Ella makes on her mission by liking her Facebook page. There is a link to her page on the right side of this page.


4. Sign-up For Alerts


Facebook is the easiest way to track Ella's campaign, but if you don't use Facebook, send us a request for e-mail alerts and we will add you to the mailing list. Send your request to



5. Words of Encouragement


Since Ella has started her mission, many people have shared their own personal stories of how heart disease has affected their families. Others have urged her on with encouraging words. These stories and comments have broaden Ella's eyes to the impact she is making and motivates her to do more.