What Your Help Does

Every donor and supporter deserves to know what they are helping. Here are some of the ways your support helps:

You really do help kids with sick hearts.


Ella’s past success in Jump Rope for Heart has given her the opportunity to participate in other Heart Association events. There she has met other kids with heart conditions who are alive today because of the work the Heart Association does. You’re not only helping the kids, you are giving their sisters, brothers, moms and dads more hugs, more laughs, more memories.


Here are links to two stories of kids that Ella has met:


YouTube Video Featuring MJ Ward.


NBC5 story about Kylee Shea. Kylee's life was saved by an AED and coaches who were trained to use it by the Heart Association.

Ella and Colby on a walk to the park.


You help a big sister be a big sister.


Ella is a great big sister, but she doesn't get as many chances to show it as most sisters. Jump Rope for Heart gives her that chance. It also gives her more opportunities to talk about Colby. You're not only helping sick hearts, you are helping mend broken hearts, too.



You build her confidence.


Becoming a Heart Ambassador has been an incredible experience for Ella. She has learned the value of setting goals and the work it takes to achieve them. She is learning how to communicate a message, including speaking to rooms with hundreds of people. She has learned that the world is filled with need, but it is also filled with people eager to help. She has experienced the confidence that she can make a difference.


You inspire others.


Your support of Ella has spread her story far and wide. We are always amazed at the stories people are inspired to share. From the teacher down the hall born with a heart defect to the stranger in Michigan moved to share her story about her young granddaughter raising money in honor of her. There are a lot of news stories that generate fear and concern. You are helping create and spread a story that reminds us of the good in this world, too. A story that inspires us all to do more.

You teach kids the power of generosity and to think beyond themselves.

What kid wouldn’t want a bunch of new gym equipment? The kids at Ella’s school.


They raised more than $22,000 in 2012 and with that earned credit for a lot of new gym equipment from the Heart Association. The staff and kids at Ella’s school decided that they had plenty of gym equipment and decided to donate the new equipment to a school that was in need. The generosity bug is contagious and you help spread it.